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Fighting Philosophies and Proverbs


If nothing within you stays rigid,

          outward things will disclose themselves.

Moving, be like water.

Still, be like a mirror.

          Respond like an echo.


One should seek good balance to throw another kick or punch.

          Watch out for too much commitment.


Give up thinking as though not giving up.

         Observe techniques as though not observing.


The first thing to do is to size up your opponent. Find his weak points and make a plan before moving in. Your eyes are your radar and view finder, pick your target by priority;

          1. Bio-computer (head)

          2. Compressor (breathing system)

          3. Suspension system (arms and legs)

It's ideal to attack all three areas!


A wise man stoops when he is soaring,

          A fool soars when he should be stooping.


Into a soul absolutely free from thoughts and emotion,

          Even the Tiger finds no room to insert its fierce claws.

One and the same breeze passes over the pines on the mountain and the oak trees in the valley;

          And why do they give different notes?

No thinking, no reflecting, perfect emptiness;

          Yet therein something moves, following its own course.

The eyes sees it, but no hands can take hold of it -

          The Moon in the Stream.

Clouds and mists, they are midair transformations;

          Above them eternally shine the Sun and the Moon.

Victory is for the one, even before combat, who has no thought of himself,

          Abiding in the no-minded-ness of Great Origin.


While being trained, the student is to be active and dynamic in every way.

          But in actual combat, his mind must be calm and not at all disturbed.

He advances, his steps should be light an secure,

          His eyes not fixed and glaring insanely at the enemy.

His behavior should not be in any way different from his everyday behavior,

          No change taking place in his expression,

Nothing betraying the fact that he is engaged in Mortal Combat.


The fighter is to always be single-minded with one object in view - to fight,

          Looking neither backward nor sideways.

He must get rid of obstructions to his forward movement,

          Emotionally, Physically and Intellectually.


A good fighter must sense rather than perceive his chance to strike.


The real competitor is the one who gives all he has, all the time.


Attack by deception, especially, is the attack of a Master.


The great mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the engagement;

          You ought not to be thinking of whether it ends in victory or in defeat.

Let nature take its course,

          And your tools will strike at the right moment.



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