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Choy Lee Fut Martial Art Federation of America cordially invites you to join us in our 2nd annual Chan Hueng founder's Birthday Celebration. This event will take place on August 13, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. It will be held in Seaworld Seafood Restaurant located in Rosemead, California. This will be a joyful, commemorative occasion in which we will honor the memory of Chan Hueng, the founder of the Choy Lee Fut family style martial arts. The event will include lion dancing, hand and weapon forms, dinner and other festivities. Other martial art styles are also welcomed to participate in form demonstration, but only with advanced registration.

Please call for more information.
RSVP only before August 1st.
ph. 661.574.1523



Chan Heung Gwoon Birthday Celebration
Vancouver, Canada.

The Choy Lee Fut Martial Art Federation of America was invited to celebrate the founders 125th birthday.

This year's event took place in Vancouver , British Columbia , Hosted by clubs and associations of well known sifu Wong Ha. Over 500 people turned out for this year's event.

There was an opening Commemorative ceremony in honor of Chan Heung in which his great great grandson and our Sifu, Ng Fu Hang took part of. After respects were paid and recognition was given, Lion dance teams from various schools in the Vancouver Area performed. Among the schools were The Shung Ying Athletic Association under Sifu Hilbert Yiu, The Choy Lai Fut martial arts Hall under Sifus Carmen Choy and Hailee Wong, Seto's Kung Fu under Sifu Gary Seto and the Wong Ha Athletic Association.

Kung-Fu performances by the schools mentioned were also a highlight of the evening. Food and drink were all very well received by the large crowd and the evening was enjoyed by all. To bring the ceremonies to a close the now modern tradition of group photos rounded out the evening.

We couldn't thank every body enough for all their hospitality and warmth. Sifus Carmen Choy and Hailee Wong, along with Sue Wong were our company throughout our trip. This group helped us navigate the city of Vancouver and kept us occupied during our stay. Thanks so much for putting up with our antics!! Also, Sifu Hilber Yiu and his group took us out to a wonderful dinner, one of the best meals any of us has ever had.

All in all, the trip was great. Our Kung Fu brothers and sisters were all wonderful and the weather was perfect.

We look forward to returning to visit our northern neighbors soon!!

Doje Sai from all of us,
Choy Lee Fut Martial Arts Federation of America.


September 27 - October 1, 2003  Barry Hale (Sydney, Australia - Hung Sing Gwoon) will be holding a seminar at the Arcadia, California - Hung Sing Gwoon. It's open to anyone who would like to join us for Saturday and Sunday, but Monday thru Wednesday is for Hung Sing Gwoon members only. The times are 9:00am to 5:30pm each day. Hope to see everyone there. Click the link to get a map to the school.

February 8, 2003  The Federation's Arcadia and Fresno students took part in this years Chinese New Year's Parade in Chinatown - Los Angeles, California. The students were guests of our new friends from the Kong Chow Benevolent Association. The Kong Chow Benevolent Association can be found on Broadway Street in the center of Chinatown. We want to thank them for their hospitality and new found friendship. Click the for some pictures of the days festivities.


December 8, 2002  Our Arcadia students did very well at this years Tat Mau Wong tournament. David Hamilton and Sam Tripp took 1st and 2nd place in the "Men's Intermediate Light-Middle Weight Continuous Sparring" division. Sam forfeited the final match to David to show respect for his fellow brother. Brian Davis took 2nd in the "Men's Intermediate Southern Long Weapons" division performing with the Pole. Congratulations to our brothers!

October 9, 2002  Master Ng Fu Hang is now making himself available for Seminars, special training or other special request visits. For further information please contact us a info@choyleefut.us.

August 24, 2002  Master Ng visits the "Hung Hsing Choi Lai Fut Federation of Canada" for the Chan Heung Anniversary Banquet. A few pictures from the ceremonies are shown on link.


For all questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at info@choyleefut.us