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Cantonese-Character-English Dictionary


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Due to the ongoing need and requests of many people on the online forums, we are going to attempt to put together a Dictionary of Cantonese terms along with their English translations, plus the Chinese Characters to go with them. Because of the different dialects of so many people who study Choy Lee Fut all over the world, there is only one way that everyone will understand the "language" of Choy Lee Fut, and be able to talk to one another...that way is by the Chinese Character for the terminology used. By using the "Character" along with the English translation, we can understand each other no matter the dialect being used.

We certainly hope everyone enjoys this dictionary and gets something out of it. If anyone thinks of another category we should add to the list above to make it easier to find what your looking for, please let us know.



For all questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at info@choyleefut.us